Never Stop Evolving

Connect via your passions

Beams was created by a team of five people who came together with a mutual love of sharing their recommendations, inspirations and stories, and a desire to create something magical they could use with their friends and family.

Alan Sternberg, Matej Balantic, Lenart Puselja, Robert Kilian - the four founders of Beams - and Hannah Ray met when the universe aligned in various ways to bring them together: through previous work at startups like SoundCloud and Instagram, to a missed flight in the mountains of Italy and a chance encounter at Brooklyn Museum while collaborating on a groundbreaking app for the French artist JR. They immediately gelled as a team and through their passion for the idea.

Individually, each teammate loved to share great stories on their passions but when it came to sharing and saving their experience with others they always got stuck. They saw an opportunity to make something which would benefit people at large. They could design a product to allow people to get more out of their experiences, to create easy-to-share personal list, as well as discover more from each other.

So Beams was born.

The leadership team is internationally spread out across Berlin, Barcelona and the UK.