2021 goals

Logging some goals, hopes and dreams so I actually meet them! Inspired by intention-setting beams of @hazler, @hannah & @chelsea.

No matter the weather, I will be in the park to kick a ball at least once per week. Did it every Sunday for November and December with my mate Rico - playing at a covid-safe distance of course.
Inverleith Park
Daily yoga is a challenge, but each time we start I pick up things that take me through the year. Thanks to Sooz (@nogoodfish on Beams) for introducing me to it a few years ago. Intending to keep the daily practice going. Cat-mat invasions expected.
The Yoga Mat
Reduce packaging: I vow to always buy packaging-free products wherever possible. Eating as nature intended is easy, better for the planet, healthier and cheaper. I have no excuse not to.
Digin Bruntsfield
I will read more books, including Arsenè Wenger’s autobiography which my parents kindly gave me a signed copy of. I love autobiographies. If you have a favourite autobiog, please add a comment here to recommend it! Pictured: me in my Christmas day pyjamas.
Stade Arsène Wenger
My friends and I took 60 seconds to discuss whether to do Dry January. Then we got the news of another national lockdown and agreed independent breweries need as much help as ever. So we’ve agreed to keep doing this: meeting at the digital pub to stay in touch when we can. We each order the same four beers, take a min to taste them, then hang out for a couple hours. I’m including 0% beers in my next round.
Stay positive. All day every day!
Determined to go back to Croatia island-hopping with Sooz again in 2021 once it’s safe. Time of our lives. If things aren’t safe until 2022/23 due to political incompetence or public inability to behave, then so far I’ve already made my peace with it. Let it be. Stay fair. Don’t cheat the system. Smash it at the voting booth.
Mljet National Park