Kits F.C. ⚽️ Our fave fits

Fans talk about their favourite kit. DM me to participate!

Rocky Nico (@rockynico) knows his kits. He finds rare gems and supplies classic shirts to fans around the world. Here he talks about why he picked this one 👌
Highbury Square
Jonathan Weaver @jonathanweaver says the kit, the occasion and the family are why he loves football ‘so damn much’.
Wembley Stadium
My good mate Rico talks about why this particular Scotland national team kit means so much more to him than football. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Hampden Park
My lucky kit, Arsenal away 2006.
Wembley Stadium
Gav aka @GunnerKedz talks about why his favourite is the Arsenal away kit from 2002 thanks to Thierry Henry 👑
Arsenal Emirates Stadium
Richard Allan (right) talks about his Man of The Match performance alongside his brother and dad in their favourite team’s home stadium. 🏟
Tynecastle Park
Regan McSweeney @reganmcsweeney owns dozens of kits - his collection is amazing! Hear him talk about why this shirt from the double-winning era is his favourite.
Highbury Square
Ex-pro Alan Sternberg (@alan) relives his iconic playing days with FCBM.
Allianz Arena
Bella Andrewartha takes it to 1995 with an absolute classic.
Loving everyone’s stories so far! Some of our childhood memories come to life when we think of specific shirts. Hear how Luke Gledhill (@lukedaxgledhill) remembers being a young lad during Liverpool’s 1984/84 season 🏆🏆🏆
Anfield stadium
Chris Mathers’ first pick is the 1992 Scotland home kit. “Vivid memories of getting proper swept up by football watching the Euro 92 championships. Having the wall chart out...”
Hampden Park
“My dad and I went to pretty much every game that season, home and away. So it’s always been a special one.” Chris Mathers on his 99/00 St Mirren home top. “We had a manager who was in his first time football job; gave up being a school teacher!”
St Mirren Football Club Ltd
“We had some geography and history teachers that convinced the school to let them take about 25 kids to the World Cup,” says Chris Mathers. His third and final favourite kit is this Jamaica top from the France 98 tournament. “We were in with the Jamaica fans. It was a party atmosphere. Really good fun. Especially being a 12 year-old from Ayrshire, it was eye-opening and very exciting.”
Stade Bollaert-Delelis