Making sourdough bread

Baking sourdough bread is the most satisfying thing you can do in your kitchen. This is how I do it 😋

I start by mixing 600g of all purpose white (type 500) and 400g of fullgrain spelt flour.
Afterwards I add between 600 and 700g of water which gives the bread ~65% hydration.
I use my mixer to fully mix the water and flour. I usually mix it for about 10min which gives me nice and soft dough.
I cover the dough and leave it in a dark warm place for at least 2 hours. During this resting stage, gluten development begins and simple sugars start to form as starch is broken down. This process is called autolyse.
While waiting I also feed the starter. Depending on the warmth of the place it can take some time for the starter to rise properly. On the photo you can see line marking how high the starter was when I fed it. It has risen nicely and now it’s perfect for use. How to make a starter from scratch is a story for another list.
I add 300g of starter to the mix and 15g of salt.
I use my mixer for roughly 10min again to thoroughly mix the starter and salt with the dough.
In the next two hours I perform so called stretch and fold every 30 min (4 all together). When done correctly, it will strengthen the gluten and gently incorporate air into the dough without kneading. This is a crucial step for ensuring a nice rise.
In the morning I take the dough out of the fridge and scoop it out on to a non floured surface. I split it into two equal portions and start shaping the bread.
I prepare the basket where I’ll put the dough to rise. On the bottom I put seeds so they stick to the dough once taken out. I also flour the basket generously so the dough doesn’t stick to the basket.
I cover the dough and leave it rise for about 2 hours.
Once the dough has risen properly I prepare the baking tray. I use the clay pot called the Roman pot. I heat it up in the oven on 240 degrees celsius for 30 minutes.
Result is beautifully baked and delicious sourdough bread.