Sourdough Wheat Bread w/ Roasted Oatmeal

A little bit of lockdown bread baking.

Preparing the sourdough For this tasty bread, we start a day before we‘ll bake it by prepping the sourdough. You’ll need * 160g wheat flour (type 550) * 130g water * 16g sourdough starter (I’ll share how to make that) Simply mix all those together in a large enough bowl and...
use a kitchen helper to knead the sh*** out of it. Do this until the dough is smoothed out nicely.
Let it sit We‘ll cover the dough in plastic wrap now and let it sit for 16 hours.
Oatmeal Roasting Next, we‘ll get * 70g oatmeal flakes * 200g water We roast the oatmeal until it’s browned nicely. At the same time, we boil the water. Once the oatmeal flakes are browned nicely, put them into the boiling water and take the water from the stove. We‘ll let that sit over night as well.
Great Success!! (so far) Now we take a good night‘s sleep and wait for the sourdough to do it’s magic.
Next Morning We throw everything together 🤷‍♂️ It’s really pretty simple. But we‘ll also add a few more things: * 400g wheat flour (type 550) * 160g water * 14g salt
Oh... and precisely 5g fresh baking yeast. In fact, when I made this bread here, I wanted to try it without the yeast as well. Usually sourdough works well enough on its own. But not with this recipe. So use it. Your bread will be flat as a flounder otherwise. (Still yummy af though) Luckily I split the dough in two and made the other bread with yeast 😅
Again, we knead and knead
Until we have a nice lump of dough.
Optional step Add some other (dry-ish) flavors. I split my dough in half and added 30g-ish of sliced olives and pickled peppers respectively.
Gluten Tag! Now that everything is kneaded nice and smooth, we‘ll have to stretch and fold the bread. This step is rather crucial to make all the wonderful gluten Bond together in just the right way for it to develop nice breathy air pockets when we bake it. Repeat this step 3-more times with 30 minutes rest in between. * grab the dough on side as seen here * stretch it up * fold it over to the opposite side * turn bowl by 90 degrees * repeat these steps at least 4 times * cover the dough and let it rest (Again, repeat this whole procedure with 30m rest in between. This is really important.)
Finally, cover the dough and let it rest for another hour.
Almost there Place the bread into a fermentation basket, cover it and let it rest yet another hour. In the meantime, pre-heat your oven to 250 degrees Celsius. Celsius! Not Fahrenheit!! Ideally you have a Dutch oven. If so, make sure it’s pre-heating together in the oven. If not, just pre-heat a tray.
Bakerman is baking bread Now comes the fun part. Turn on „Bakerman“ by „Laid Back“ on Spotify or your music streaming service of choice. *Put the bread dough lump onto a sheet of baking paper. * scour it in a pattern of your Choice (mine ended up very bad this time) * put everything into the Dutch oven (or on the tray) and close the lid. * spray some water on the hot walls. This is very important to keep the dough soft somit can expand better Bake for ~10 minutes. Then open to let the vapor escape and close again. Bake another 15 minutes. Then reduce the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius and keep it baking for 35 minutes. I usually uncover the lid when there’s still ~20 minutes left.
And we‘re done. You’ll know the bread is ready when it’s reached an inner temperature of 93 degrees or when it sounds hollow when you knock it on its bottom.
The finished bread 🤤 Crusty, juicy and terribly tasty!