museum of memories

Small selection of the artworks, prints and collectibles in our home that retrace great souvenirs, trips, exhibitions, collaborations and friendships.

Grow love with me, 2013, by Yoko Ono, an ‘organic artwork’ produced by the serpentine gallery. Marc offered it to me the first day I moved to New York. Since I don’t have a green thumb, I kept the magic bean intact but it definitely grew a lot since December 2014 🌱 🪴 🍼
Serpentine Gallery
The same day, Marc also gave me this print by Jon Klassen, a children book illustrator we love, as a welcome gift for my new New York bedroom. (Is Marc a Jewish Santa Claus? Many pieces of evidence point in that direction..) the print now hangs above our daughter’s bed, along other great works.
Drawings by Joann Sfar (2014?) Everywhere he goes Joann Sfar is always drawing on something and he made those drawings of me on the menu of a restaurant in St Germain des Pres, where he sometimes goes for dinner. He is such a complete artist, illustrator, novelist, film director... he is one of the most knowledgeable person I know and extremely fun! Those drawings are great memories of very Parisian nights.
La Société
Painting by Nathanaelle Herbelin, 2019 Nathanelle and I had briefly met when she was an artist in residence at the invisible dog art center in brooklyn and we really got along! a few month later she was looking for a place to stay in New York during her solo show at Emmanuel Barbault gallery so she stayed at our home, in what was at the time our guest room / art storage! Before she left she gifted me this stunning painting of her and David, her boyfriend. I just love this piece. (She has painted a few versions of it, 3 I believe.) she is one of my favorite emerging figurative painters! She lives and works between Tel Aviv and Paris.
Yalta, 2017 by Elsa-Louise Manceaux I showed Elsa’s works twice at spring break art show and could not stop thinking about this piece so I bought it myself instead of selling it. 😂 sometimes the art chooses you and you have no other choice! It’s made with egg tempera, ink and paint. Elsa Louise Manceaux lives and works in Mexico City.
A sunflower by Sophia Narrett 🌻 I offered this textile piece to Marc for his birthday a couple years ago because he is obsessed with sunflowers and we both are huge fans of Sophia’s work. On our dream to do list is to acquire another piece by her - this time with a very intricate sexy narrative because her works tell amazing stories - but here the idea was to offer marc a flower that would never wilt.
Textile piece by Alessandro Teoldi, made with airplane blankets ✈️ Every other year or so I try to buy a piece from an artist I showed and worked with. I love this one so much. It hangs in our leaving room.