2021 intentions 💭 ✨🪄 ✨💭

here are some of my hopes, goals and aspirations for 2021

Look at the world with fresh eyes. Baby wonder all year long! (Merci Tsipi for the inspiration)
Educate myself on education 📚 👧 🔁
Allocate time for myself with no work, nor family duty, ideally to exercice 🏋️ 🏊‍♂️ 🧘‍♀️ since I delivered I feel my body is very rusty and I need to do something about it - fellow mothers, how are you dealing with the recovery part? Yoga? Swimming?
Resume my Hebrew classes! A year ago I quit my gallery job and left to israel on my own for a month to study Hebrew and eat fresh eggplants. I was 6 month pregnant and felt it was the right time to do something I had never done before... because we all know how busy we get once we have babies. In the oulpan I met this great teacher, who was also pregnant with the same due date. We stayed in touch and she gave me digital classes during the entire Covid quarantine, her in Tel Aviv and Marc and I in New York. We delivered at the same time and therefore stopped the classes but I feel ready to start learning again! (With no « pregnancy brain » I hope to learn faster 🤪🤯)
Use this gigantic box to classify and organize my family’s most important files. It is a very little step for humanity but it would be a great step for me! 🐾 📃
Keep reading a lot ! 📚📚📚 I usually read at night or in between things I am doing (approx 2 books per month) Now that I am exhausted at night and don’t take the subway to go to work anymore it makes things more difficult. So far my pace is not too bad but I think it’s a good goal to keep this as an important thing I don’t want to compromise too much on.
Unplug myself fully when I am with my daughter. She sees me all day long on my phone/computer because I work from home and this is not what I wish for her when I am not working. So no phone after 3 or 5pm depending on when her nanny leaves. ☎️ 🛑