Wedding in San Sebastián

One of my dearest friends getting married 🤵🏻👰 in a beautiful Spanish city full of culinary experiences 🥘.

Jumped on a flight to San Sebastián to the weeding of a friend that gave me 2 weeks notice 🙈.
Donostia-San Sebastian
My flight was quite early so I decided to start my day with a coffee ☕️ and delicious salmón beagle 🥯🤤 in the city center.
Old Town Coffee
Later in the evening we finally went to the Town Hall where the wedding was taking place. The Town Hall is located at one end of the Alderdi-Eder Park and is one of the most beautiful buildings in Spain. It was originally designed as a casino in 1887, during the Belle Epoque. The casino closed in 1924 and the Town Hall moved to the building in 1947.
San Sebastian City Hall
The interior was nothing less than spectacular 😍.
San Sebastian City Hall
The whole process was quite short which I really appreciated 🤫.
San Sebastian City Hall
As you already noticed, we all had to wear the masks 😷, because of the ongoing pandemic situation. I think this is still somehow manageable, but can’t imagine the world where we would have to wear the suits 🧑🏻‍🚀 in these situations 🙈.
San Sebastian City Hall
The ceremony ended with my favorite part which is throwing the rice 🍚 into the newly married couple 😈. I think it was Integrale 🤔.
San Sebastian City Hall
Then we were taken to the Ikaitz jatetxea restaurant and served with delicious 😋 dishes and stories from newly made friends 🤗.
Ikaitz jatetxea
The duck 🦆 in particular was very tasty 🤤.
Ikaitz jatetxea
Altho full... I couldn’t resist the desert at the end 🙈.
Ikaitz jatetxea
We finished the day with some drinks 🍷 at the city plaza.
Plaza de la Constitución
And did the selfie of the day with the new husband and wife 🤳🏼.
Plaza de la Constitución
The next day we walked around the city which is full of interesting scenery.
Donostia-San Sebastian
My exploration stopped when I reached one of the bars 🍹 at the beach 🏖 of La Concha Kontxa Hondartza.
GU San Sebastián
We were then picked up and taken to the Sidrería Astarbe Sagardotegia for the lunch 🍴. Believe me when I say that this needs to be on your list of places to visit if you ever go to San Sebastián 🙌.
Sidrería Astarbe Sagardotegia
It has plenty bites to offer to satisfy even the most demanded taste buds 😛.
Sidrería Astarbe Sagardotegia
With perfectly 👌🏽 prepared tomatoes 🍅 that are full of juicy taste ...
Sidrería Astarbe Sagardotegia
To the best fish 🐠 I’ve ever ate in my entire life 😱🤯🤪🥰. #bonitofish
Sidrería Astarbe Sagardotegia
Of course we had to treat ourselves with some chupitos 🥃 to survive the day 😋.
Sidrería Astarbe Sagardotegia
Meanwhile the wounds of the wedding started to show 😵.
Sidrería Astarbe Sagardotegia
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