The Legend of Zelda 🐩

Meet Zelda. Our little Chongqing street dog, she found us at 4 months old and she’s now almost 2 years old and living with us in Luzern, Switzerland. This will probably end up being my most extensive Beams list because all I do is take photos of this little pooch.
Since moving to Switzerland, Zel has loved: climbing mountains, cable cars, buses, running in open fields. She has hated: cows. This is us on the descent from Pilatus after a day hiking and exploring.
We went back to work from home this week and Zel wasn’t sure if she was pleased to have us back, or pissed off that I’m in her spot. Looking back at this glare, I’m definitely going to say she wasn’t keen on my choice of seat.
Since she was a puppy, her favourite toys have always been dinosaur ones. Unfortunately, usually the love affairs don’t last very long due to enthusiastic hugs and kisses from Zel🙄 (read: she rips them apart). This one lasted a month, but as you can see, the dinosaur was much loved.
Cheese for the camera 📸 (but mostly for the treat)
‘Get a candid one, like when I’m not looking. On my good side. Ok now, ready? Get the mountain in too.’
Feelin’ cute 🥰
Way back when Zel was a little dog in a big city and the most outdoorsy our local walks could get was the Jialing river.
As well as having the best smile, Zelda is also the owner of The Biggest Tongue. Fact you didn’t ask for: She has black spots all over her tongue now she’s older (normal, not the plague), I forgot it used to be pink!
Zel living her best life. #ad
LOOK HOW CUTE SHE WAS. She loved that carrot and still has it now 😭
‘Get that camera out of my fucking face’
It’s been a long, hard week of doing this for Zel. I love watching her soak up the sun 🥰
Zel got a cough the other week from walking in the rain so naturally, we bought her a little Barbour coat. This is her trying it on after a 6 hour hike when she clearly just wanted to be left alone to sleep.
Zelda: the dog with zero concept of personal space.
Zelda with her Christmas present and new favourite toy. Like any teenager, she’s quick to embrace a new trend: goodbye dinosaur toys, hello seagulls.
Food coma
Zel LOVED the snow. Unfortunately, she loved it so much it made her call-back even more shit and she was impossible to get back on the leash. Thus, Zel’s freedom has been revoked on snowy days and she can now only enjoy the snow on a leash. I don’t even feel guilty, she was a dick.
Spot the snow dog (pre-off-leash-snow-ban)
Spoilt rotten and yet the disgust on her face here ...
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