Spots of Joy

Making the most of the little things in everyday.

Marmite in the post.
Sunday slow cooked pork (will this list all be food? That will be revealing ...).
Hurrah - it’s not food! There IS more to my personality than being a basic bitch who eats. Good.
Baby cow spotted on a dog walk! I walk through this farm allll the time and about a week ago was the first time I saw the babies 🐄
I’ve been watching these mushrooms grow as I go on the daily dog walk. Super poisonous but they bring me joy to look at. I imagine that Smurfs probably live inside them.
The size of this edible mushroom is pure joy.
We’ve had foggy weekdays for what feels like weeks recently. This mornings dog walk started with joy: finally a crispy, clear sky morning.
The sun this morning poking its head over the mountains. When I got into the park, I walked the dog with my oldest friend here - an older lady with a little black dog named Tuc. Weirdly, I don’t actually know her name and I don’t think she knows mine. We know each other only when walking the dogs. It’s always a treat to walk together.
Walking Zelda through atmospheric Nordic forests on quiet, cold Sunday mornings with a really good podcast. PURE. JOY.
We woke up to Winter Wonderland on December 1st
Shapes in trees and blue skies = joy🌲 🌳
I made my own Christmas wreath! Backdating this post to Wednesday 9th Dec. I made this wreath on a week my grandma was really unwell, I was so worried about her. Doing a creative activity was so therapeutic, the only thing that gave me joy that week.
Cloudy sky > clear sky
Finding this picture of my grandma. This is exactly how I will always remember her: that hair, those earrings, that watch, those glasses, that skirt, that pose and most importantly, that smile. In fact, everything about Antonietta Elena Fontebasso will always bring me nothing but warmth and joy.
Really good roast potatoes.
Winter wonderland. I’m really enjoying living somewhere with four distinct seasons.
Big, majestic trees.
Encouragement from shop fronts is bittersweet
This grand old tree which may already be a spot of joy on this list but if that’s the case, it brings me enough joy daily for two of the same! Police have asked people to avoid walking in forests due to heavy snow and the risk of falling trees ❄️
Dan’s Christmas present from my Nan. It now sits on his bedside table and honestly makes me smile every time I see it.
A snowman with boobs and a mini snowman next to it = a spot of joy if I ever did see it
Festival posters give me hope and joy
Snowdrops! Is there a greater joy? Spring is coming and so are better times.