Favorite Foods in LA

All the places I most love eating + drinking in Los Angeles. We tend to eat healthy at home and indulge cravings when out. Hence the 🍕 🍩 🍔

Favorite Donuts in Los Angeles - we don’t always go to this location since it isn’t closest to us. But it is iconic so it makes sense to use it to represent the brand. Hometown LA favorite, for a reason. The butter crumb will change your life! And now their new croissant donut is equally mouth-watering.
Famous Randy´s Donuts Sign
We first discovered hometown, small business CBD drinks brand - Vybes at Erewhon, and it’s still the place with the best selection. Blueberry Mint is incredibly refreshing and has enough CBD at 25MG to feel a nice but not strong effect. Vybes also does free same day delivery within the city so if you are here for a long enough stay, just get a case directly from their site www.idrinkvybes.com and support them even more directly.
We love the tacos from Gardens of Taxco so much that for a while we were getting them multiple times per week. 🌮 I add sliced radish to mine just like I learned to do in rural Mexico. The chips and salsa that come with every order are a nice touch. Lots of cilantro, in case you’re the kind of person for whom that tastes like soap - you’ve been warned 😉
The Gardens of Taxco
I would be hard-pressed to tell you exactly what type of pizza they serve at Sixth+Mill though it’s absolutely closer to a Napoli-style or New York thin crust Italian than a Chicago or Detroit. 🍕 It’s AMAZING. Small enough for a hungry person to have on their own or just the right size to split if you are also sharing another entree. This is also an amazing place for pasta and the interior is fun, in an old warehouse in the Arts District. This is one of the places I’m most looking forward to getting back to after the Pandemic of they survive 🤞🙏
sixth+mill pizzeria and bar
Prince of Venice is fairly new and has gone from food truck to brick-n-mortar in 2020. Their lemon bucatini pasta might not look like much but I’m OBSESSED. It’s so fresh and light for a pasta dish!! We do takeout but they also offer delivery on Postmates.
Prince of Venice Restaurant
Please ignore the crappy photo, the Philly Cheesesteak from Boo’s is every bit as good as you can get back East and then some. We celebrated the big win for Biden in PA by doing takeout from here and it ended up being a celebration in so many ways! 😉😋
Boo’s Philly Cheesesteaks - Silverlake
Jeni’s started as one ice cream shop in Ohio - where I discovered it after college - and now has several locations around LA. Their rosé frosé is truly delectable but there’s no flavor that’s bad!!
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
We take tacos home from the Larchmont location of Tacos Tu Madre so often that we should probably stop. But they’re SO GOOD — especially the chorizo & egg as well as the lime & cilantro-marinated grilled chicken tacos. The elote 🌽 is also superb.
Tacos Tu Madre
Perhaps the best French patisserie in LA? If not the best it’s up there. Particularly for their stuffed croissant with tomato and French cheese. Pictured here. It’s indescribably delicious!
LA Chouquette
Can’t even tell you what made it so great but this simple salad at the NoMad was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.
NoMad Los Angeles
The Thai Tea and Ground Chicken over Rice with a Fried Egg are so good it’s crazy. The best thing for breakfast or when you’ve been drinking or really just anytime! 😝😋
Sapp Coffee Shop