Project: Revolution

In next couple of days or weeks I will take you through renovation and improvement of my room⚡️

After 2 weeks of calculations and thinking me and my dad started my big combined project that I call: Project Revolution. It’s a combination of Project Starlight and Project Reborn. You will see why😉
After 2 days of extra calculations we finally went for material today. 4 meter long wood was little to long for the car but there was no other choice.
First we had to measure the frame to exactly see where everything goes.
After we drilled the holes for the frame we inserted wall insert and because of poorly made ceiling we also put in a little bit of plaster to hold everything better.
When frame was done and screwed in we also put in cables for speakers and some additional lights.
To temporarily hold cable you can use nails. Before you put on plaster you must water everything so it holds better. You can take nails out when plaster gets half hard.
At the end of the day this is how it looks from outside my window. Time to get some sleep, a lot of work to do tomorrow.
Checking which cabel is for the right speaker and which is for the left. Pop playlist of the day is a must.
Speakers are mounted on the left and the right side of the frame on both ends so you get that surround kind of a feeling.
After 5 days of almost 0% working on project( I was working) we are 100% at it today. We painted both blue walls into white and I also finished...
Starlight ceiling! Everything is done up there, I just need to make holes in plasterboard and put it up and add led strip around it.
I had to modify the controller. I put bigger wires so they can carry more current.
How it started...
... how it went...
... how it is.
And it’s up!! We put it up in two pieces because it was easier and risk of breaking was lower. Still need to paint it one more time and close those holes above the gyps plate.
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Finnaly after some problems it’s 99% done. I just need to install led strip around and that’s it.
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