Shelf Life 🍣

In this new micro podcast, mega global social media experts share their tips for how to tell your story & be heard. 🙏 Next topic: hiding like counts ❤️

🎧🎉 grab your headphones and maybe a notebook... I introduce this new micro podcast and share my own tips too 📝 First question: how to tell stories on social media??
Isabelle Roughol, former international editorial director of LinkedIn and host / founder of Borderline, a podcast and newsletter about lives lived across borders.
Molly Benn, strategic partner management lead at Snapchat, former community lead at Instagram 🙌🙏
@mike from Beams community talks about over-thinking platforms... I totally agree with this! Listen 🎧 as he talks a bit about working on creating Vogue’s first international Snapchat channels. 🙌 nice one Mike!
Federica Cherubini, audience engagement expert and Head of leadership development for Reuters Institute, London.
Sarah Marshall, audience development, social and analytics, Vogue, based in London.
Sarah Drinkwater, Former global lead of community management for Google Maps and Head of Google Campus London, Atomico angel, SF/London based.
Eleni Stefanou @eleni.stefanou
Next question: what about the conundrum of the personal brand? Can social media ever be a fun creative space again? Will we ever escape the need for personal brand or brand vs people? What do you think?
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Continued. But this is a destructive and fragmenting way to live. My fullest concentration of energy is available to me only when I integrate all the parts of who I am, openly, allowing power from particular sources of my living to flow back and forth freely through all my different selves, without the restrictions of externally imposed definition. Only then can I bring myself and my energies as a whole to the service of those struggles which I embrace as part of my living.
Yapping about ‘’, biographies, Spoonbill, Brian David Gilbert’s hilarious/revolting ‘building your online brand’ song and the new ‘Friends’ app. Really enjoying the way this beam is evolving @hannah!
There will always be a place for safe creative fun spaces online for communities to thrive - there will always be the need to escape!
Talking about community vs audience.... what’s a positive experience you have had of community through social media? How would you define the difference between community and an audience?
Positive online social experiences...
Hey, Laura O here talking to Hannah about what makes great social storytelling
Hi everyone 👋 Thought I’d address the last two questions in one go (hence the slightly long entry). Really enjoying this thread!
Thanks @loliver 💫👋 what do you think about the (potentially controversial) idea that we shouldn’t be grabbing attention?
Thanks @eleni.Stefanou totally agree on those amazing community spaces for local groups and fandoms, so great to share experiences in these ways 💫
What does everyone think about Instagram’s test on hiding like counts?
And how that has maybe changed in the last year?