Another beam same theme... tracking my list of current reads and completed books read this year.

Half way through as didn’t manage to finish this in 2020... still loving it though — a dystopian future imagined where cities are too polluted to live so a community tries to survive in the wilderness — the point of view just shifted from the mother to the daughter so I’m once again into this. Just need to stay awake long enough to finish a chapter! 😆
Still currently reading this one too... i put it down before Christmas so I need to get back into it. Writing is dense.
Margaret Atwood’s new collection is similarly great to her other poetry. She was a poet in the 60s when she had a day job and no time for writing novels. Her poems are so basic and yet beautiful. This collection really focuses on getting old and cutting through the BS. I love the poem “Flatline” which you can hear her read on the New Yorker Poetry podcast.
New and launched this week by my friend Cate Sevilla, who was editor-in-chief of the Pool and pours so much heart and knowledge into this awesome non fiction read. She has interviewed and researched the stories of many women through all sorts of case studies, and I’m included, from management, redundancy to parenting and burnout. As described: “a relatable guide to the messy, stressful, and sometimes bizarre side of work that everyone experiences but no one talks about. It’s for women who don’t really get what “leaning in” means, and who have no interest in #hustling or #slaying to be a badass internet boss bitch.” I haven’t finished it yet but can already recommend it for working peeps from big corps to startups.