Community Guidelines

What we ask from our users to keep Beams safe

Our community brings together people who love to explore and discover new interests and passions and share them with the world. Our use policy aims to protect this environment, and these guidelines outline what we do and don’t allow on Beams. We want Beams to be a place for safe sharing and diversity of interests. These guidelines also help underpin our editorial values of being open and inclusive, community-driven, embracing life and diversity, and protecting the world around us.

Be helpful. Be kind.

We are a community of people driven by our passions. Fresh opinions and healthy debates are welcome, but helpfulness and kindness go a long way. Be sensitive to those who might be sharply affected by your content, and where possible, over-communicate potential triggers. We do not tolerate hate speech, defamation, bullying, harassment, misinformation, nudity or violence.

Be inclusive.

We respect and welcome all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs and expect our community to too. Certain behaviours such as trolling, hate speech, discrimination of any kind to any person, shame and bullying are not welcome on our platform. We do not tolerate posts that demean any group based on race, sex, age, sexual orientation, nationality, citizenship status, or religious beliefs.

Be honest and real.

Only share content you own or have the rights to. Do not copy or share content which isn’t your own, squat on usernames or impersonate others or violate the privacy of others. You can save someone else’s story or storylist, but it will always be attributed to them.

Do not spam.

No one likes it, and we don’t tolerate it on our platform.

Keep it safe.

We don’t allow any posts which encourage self-injury, including suicide, self-harm, eating disorders or drug abuse. Content which may threaten the privacy or safety to yourself or others may also be removed. Do not post personal attacks or threats. Do not post stories you wouldn’t want others to see.

Keep it clean.

Content depicting violence, gore and nudity are not allowed on our platform for the protection of our community.

Follow the law.

In your local country. We also operate to European standards and will follow these guidelines in our terms and moderation.

Community members may be removed for repeat offences of any of our community guidelines by our community team. This decision may be appealed via contacting us. If you have any questions about our guidelines or anything else, email