Getting started

Beams allows you to create lists and share them easily with friends and family. Our mission is to help each other have a good time.

Love to travel? Where’s the last place you went on a trip (near or far)? Or do you love to read? Think of that book you read recently which moved you to share it with friends. This can be the starting point for your first beam.

  • To create a beam, tap [icon] at the bottom of the screen.
  • First, create a New Post for your list. Posts are made up of an image, caption and location. They are added as single items on your beam.
  • Select the image for your post, make sure it’s one you have taken. You can toggle from All Photos to other albums in your camera roll such as ‘Favourites’ and more. You will need to allow for permissions to access your photos. Select the photo, and tap Next.
  • Write the caption if you feel like adding more context to the image. Tap Write caption… to start writing your caption. What happened? Why is this interesting to you personally? What tips would you leave for other people going there?
  • If you like you can select the location where this happened. Tap Add location to add your place. Start typing to find your place or you may see it appear already below the finder. Select the location and tap Post. Remember, if this is a post from your home, be mindful of your personal safety, avoid choosing the name of your street for example.

Next, you’ll need to add it to a Beam. If you haven’t done one before, tap ‘New list’.

  • Add your story title and summary. Tap on ‘Add a title’ to type your list title. Tap on ‘Create a summary’ to type your summary.
  • Titles and summaries are limited to 150 characters each. We love creative, personal titles and summaries.
  • When you are finished, tap ‘Next’

This will be the title for your Beam. Some people like to group posts by theme, for example nature or an activity, a travel destination, or a list of food spots. Others might group by format, for example, a “day in the life” list, narrative or tutorial. The summary is a short description of your list, like a subheading

Here are some examples from our early community of titles and summaries:

Pockets of Green in London: My favourite parts of London to escape for moments of calm.

Lowkey Berlin Beers: relaxed drinks we had before dinner

My Japan Arts & Sports Highlights: When I travel, I seek out art and sports. Here are the best experiences I had in my three trips to Japan.

Top tip: Once you have created your Beam, you can just select this when you go to add a new post next time.

Here’s an example from our friend Will:

Drawing of a road

My dad was lake-fishing and I usually tag along to do some drawing and just enjoy the land. There were otters in the lakes - the first time we’ve seen there, and my dad remarked that it was a good sign that the lakes were healthy and full of fish. It made me feel positive - and I decided to go for a walk around the shore to try and spot some otters. After about half an hour of walking I crested a hill and looked down over the landscape - we were only a few miles away from the nearest village but it felt like we were the only people in the world. In the spring - when we were there - the gorse is in bloom and the moorland grasses and heather were just beginning to get lush, but it still had a kind of russety-golden tint to it and it was beautiful. It felt like I could feel the hum of the landscape and all that it has encountered, from people to animals to weather, and even to the thought of perhaps something beyond ‘us’. Irish custom is thick with folklore - stories of fae-folk, gods, creatures, heroes, villains - and it was like this seemingly barren patch of land was awash with stories.

Story location: Mullaghduff Mountain Pasture, Donegal, Ireland.

That’s it! Your Beam is now created and you can keep adding to it, or create a new one. Dream on!