Turning myself Inside Out

I come from a family of artists, art’s always been a way for me to communicate . IOP has been a part of my life since i was 15. Here’s the story.

My first experience with the Inside Out Project was in the fall of 2011 during its Photobooth Action on both sides of the Israel-Palestine border, advocating for a two-state solution. For 5 days I went everywhere with JR’s team, met so many new people, and learned how to say “I don’t speak Hebrew” in Hebrew.
Tel Aviv-Yafo
The following summer, my 16-year-old self spent the summer in New York interning at the Inside Out Project studio. My job mostly consisted of helping Action Leaders by answering their questions over email and sorting through Action photos (which was awesome because I got to explore so many of them).
New York
Summer 2013, I went back to New York to intern at the studio again but this time we saw lots of action. The Photobooth tour “11M” about undocumented immigrants in America in a time of immigration reform was just starting. So I jumped on the truck and traveled to DC with the Inside Out Team. The idea was to put a face to the 11M undocumented immigrants in America, show that they aren’t just a statistic. Again we met lots of interesting people, visited museums and had a very fun and sweaty bike ride.
In October of 2015, my childhood best friend Sacha and I lived in Montreal at the time. We hopped on a plane to Toronto to help out with a big Photobooth Truck Action happening for the Nuit Blanche. By then, you could say I had become a good paster.
In the spring of 2016, Sacha decided it was time for us to create our own Group Action. There was a large movement arising amongst the universities to fight against Austerity. Tuition increases and budget cuts were having a very negative impact on education quality in Quebec. The school had run out of money to even provide dyslexic kids such as us class accommodations. 
We thought that a Group Action would be the perfect way to show the faces that hide behind the empirical values that represent students in the province.
After the summer break, in September 2016, we got to work on our installation.
parc du Pied-du-Courant
The second venue was at “Piknic Electronik”, a huge EDM festival that happens every summer on a little island that is part of the City of Montreal.
Piknic Electronik
The whole experience was incredible. 
Piknic Electronik
Since July of 2020, I have rejoined the Inside Out Team, but this time as the manager of the Education aspect of Inside Out. 1/3 of all of the Actions have been done in schools. The reason for that is that Group Actions are a great way to engage students on the class material but also to give young people, who have so much to say, a microphone.