Intentions for 2021

I’m still settling down following 2020, so instead of buckling back up & assigning goals for the year I'm going in gently with four simple intentions

Some people figure things out through talking, others through thinking. Writing is the best way for me to order my thoughts and give them shape. Even when I give talks or deliver workshops, there’s always a script behind the words. When I neglect this side of myself a lot remains unprocessed, so in 2021 I’m throwing myself back in so that more can come out.
Last year I developed tinnitus and it became the catalyst for big change. I was forced to accept that there is no escaping hitting a wall when you’re mentally and physically spent. I often wonder whether, if I had acted with more urgency when I was experiencing the noise disturbance that ultimately led to my tinnitus, would things be different today? I guess the answer is inconsequential because I can’t take those events back, but what I can do is put my health first from this point onwards.
I used to think that the way out of burnout was rest. But a wise friend reminded me that having fun is an essential component of wellbeing. When I say fun, I don’t mean kicking back and watching The Crown (an entertaining activity for sure, but one that’s passive). Instead, I mean an activity that makes you feel alive. I find that achieving this category of fun usually involves being silly, playful, spontaneous or physically active.
We all know social media is eroding our ability to stick to one thing at a time. Now imagine what *working* in social media will do to your faculties. That’s what I’m contending with. My plan is to build up habits and defenses that make it easier to resist the potential rabbit holes waiting behind every tap, click and swipe.