Project Paris 2021

Follow my home renovations this year as I try to convert my rented student flat into a grown up Parisian apartment. Warning: ugly before photos.

The view makes my heart sing. It’s so Parisian... the building is also really unusual. It was built in 1910 and has a distinct Art Deco charm with its curved facade.
This is the kitchen/diner with a rather bold mural... I’m def more of a fan of neutral walls + bold artwork in frames so had hoped that we could repaint but our landlady is rather attached to it... so we need to think of a solution. Loads of plants/books/pictures or maybe we invest in some removable wallpaper... let me know what you think we should do in the comments.
This is the kitchen view - I don’t think I’ll do too much except add my cook books and herbs and spices to those two empty shelves at the top! Oh and probably loads of plants as it’s very sunny 🌞
The bedroom during our viewing... note the hideous red curtains!
Switched up the curtains to these white ones which are way too thin but it’s fine for now as in typical french style we also have shutters on the outside of the doors. Will be switching up for blackout soon though so we don’t need to keep closing the shutters every night! However! Such a difference to the room already, makes it look more grown up and less studenty... Annnd - those bed sheets are borrowed. See next post for the update 😉
What a difference a decent set of sheets makes! Am considering buying another set of square pillows to replace the rectangle at the back but it looks good for now. They are 100% linen from H&M in Les Halles because I couldn’t wait to get rid of the pink Laura Ashley sheets from before...
Blue skies for the first time this week!
Mural update... we bought a couple of cushions and a throw from Maisons du Monde this week just to test out some colours/ideas and I’m quite liking the mismatched/chaos of it to go with the wall. Maybe I’ve just been looking at it for too long...
New desks arrived for the office. Tom is thrilled with having me as a desk buddy...
Clumsy Carter 1 - French antique fruit bowl 0
The sun shone yesterday! Makes such a difference. We got this rug from the bedroom from Tom’s parents which looks great here. We also got some new curtains and didn’t check the size so they are about 50cm too long... need to find someone who can alter them for us 🙃