The boulangerie bible

My best and worst boulangerie encounters from pain to pâtisseries, rated for your pleasure.

Pain au raison, 8/10. Crispy pastry on outside, soft and doughy on inside. Chewy raisins and gooey custard. Follow the spiral - eat the edges and save the heart till last.
Boulangerie Au Vieux Village
Chocolate trio bûche. 3/10. A chocolate log made with sponge cake and a lot of butter cream. I picked this for looks but to be honest it was so sweet and sickly I regretted it. Don’t judge a buche by its cover!
Boulangerie Au Vieux Village
Pain chocolat aux amandes 6/10. This is a mega indulgent treat so I have high expectations. The almond paste in this was too runny and over bearing but the pastry was crisp and the chocolate was good.
Boulangerie Au Vieux Village
Pain chocolat 8/10. Admittedly, I was not a pain choc fan before this. I used to find them too chocolatey to enjoy the pastry, or not chocolatey enough to be an indulgent treat. This pain changed my mind, it was a simple pleasure, with a great flaky pastry and a rich chocolate treat inside. My only criticism is that in the baking process, the chocolate strips ended up rolled on top of each other, meaning the spread wasn’t as even as I’d hoped for.
Boulangerie Au Vieux Village
An absolute banger. Dare I say 10/10?!
Délices du Faubourg
Maxi pain choc for Tom’s birthday. Definitely a case of you can have too much of a good thing. The chocolate was too rich and the pastry too doughy. The glaze on top was a nice addition. 6/10
Délices du Faubourg
Moving away from pastries and into sandwiches! This is a wrap libanais. The filling is not what you’d expect (well, I expected falafel, hummus etc) it’s almost like a chicken wrap from McDonald’s, iceberg lettuce, cheese, chicken breast and burger sauce. Wasn’t a huge fan. The wrap itself was good though and I liked that it was freshly toasted. 5/10
Délices du Faubourg
Sunday morning panic of the boulangeries being closed led me to buying pain au raison from Paul in the station. Over baked, stale, meh. Got slightly better toward the centre thanks to a larger than normal helping of crème pâtissière. 4/10
Oh man, I so wanted this to be good. I bought it from a veryyyyyy well known boulangerie, famed for it’s pastry escargot 🐌 plus, I’ve been lusting after a decent pistachio and choc pastry for a long time, so the steaks were high. Admittedly, I did buy this at lunch time which is not optimal pastry buying/eating time. The pastry was quite dry and stale (saving grace was a delicious buttery depth), and the chocolate was far too rich, which overpowered the pistache crème pat. Overall not an enjoyable experience. They do some other awesome looking flavours so I will endeavour to try again with this place! 3/10
Du Pain et des Idées
As you can see, not much is left of this baguette. From an award winning boulangerie that truly lives up to it’s hype. The baguette is crispy on the outside, soft inside, with a beautiful comforting flavour. 9/10 wish there was more.
L'Harmonie des Saveurs
10/10 so enraptured by the pain au raisin I didn’t take a pic.