Hi, we’re Beams 👋.

Lists made to share.

“Though we have come a long way, we haven't quite worked everything out. So there is plenty left for you to do.” — Oliver Jeffers

Our mission is to help each other have a good time.

We believe that everyone has a great list of recommendations, inspirations or stories to share.

We are a small international team who bonded over this shared mission. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and care about our planet and the people in it for who they are.

This is Beams

Beams is a new app that helps you easily create lists of recommendations, inspirations and stories to share with your friends. We call those lists Beams.

How to share a Beam:

Create a post

A post on Beams is the small detail that lives in a Beam. In a post you can add a picture, a caption and a location.

Add it to a Beam

Now it’s time to link your post to one of your lists. When creating a new Beam you can add a title, summary and cover photo.

And there you have it, you just created your first Beam.

This is our first version of the app, and with your help over time it will get better. If you’d like to try out Beams, please download the app and do get in touch if you hit any snags or have any immediate feedback. We want to hear from you!

Our values

We aim to be a safe and happy space for inspiration, self-realization and dreamy memories.

We celebrate life

When we connect through recommendations, inspirations or stories, we feel awesome, with our best pals or new connections, we feel on top of the world. We want to instil our communications with our optimism, energy, awe and thirst for life and all its people and experiences. We know when to celebrate success, and we celebrate it together. We celebrate both individual achievements as well as the success of the team. We want to be here, and if that feeling would change, we do not hesitate to speak about it with the people that are responsible for us. We know we have one life, and we care about our well being. Let’s have the best time in our lives.

We’re our community champions and biggest fans

We are the biggest fans of people we work with and the people who use our product. We want to know everything about what you’re into. We’ll listen to your concerns, want to hear your ideas, and ultimately we do what we know is best for the community at large. We care for each others’ wellbeing and the success of each individual and the team. Our passion for the people who are our people should underpin all our communications.

We’re open, honest & inclusive

Internally we value being open, honest, and your real self as colleagues, just as we would like to see on our platform. This translates to all external communications. Our community should feel free, valued and heard. We want to make spaces which allow for freedom of self, diversity and feel inclusive, in a way which is not polished, curated, exoticised, tokenised or fetishised. We want our editorial spaces to be safe spaces, for everyone. We cover a wide range of experiences, backgrounds and ideas which represent and reflect our global community. They are also open spaces where opinions can be shared and respected.

We care and feel a sense of responsibility for the world and our environment

We encourage our community to look, notice, to explore and to listen. You don’t need to buy a plane ticket to get excited about the world. We see it as one location full of beautiful experiences to inspire creativity. We feel a deep sense of responsibility towards our planet, and to limit damaging impact on our built and natural environments. We want to experience places responsibly and consciously, and encourage everyone in our team and community to do so.