Artworks in our home

The small but ever growing collection on artworks in our home in Penzance.

Benedict Drew The Slopp Vision Club (Memorial Plaque) (2017) An edition from his “Trickle down syndrome” solo exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, London. Vitreous enamel plaque. 29.7 x 21 cm [11.7 x 8.3 inches]. Edition of 25 works, signed and numbered. Produced by Trico Viteous Enamellers.
Victor Seaward Greek Vase, 2020 Scan of a Greek vase dating from circa 400bc. 3D printed in PLA, painted in enamel, mild steel shelf Edition 1 of 5 Picked up this little (11cm) piece from the White Crypt Project Space Christmas editions. Have been following and admiring the work of Victor for a few years now, so very very pleased to get my hands on something from his studio.
Lauren Keeley Ltd edition Risograph print from Newlyn Art Gallery I think we got the last one! love it with the black frame that matches the the framing in the image.
Nina Royle Thalassic Image Cycle | ink and oil on a shaped gesso and wood panel | 80 x 60 cms | 2019 From Nina’s exhibtion at Newlyn Art Gallery in 2019. This is the largest artwork we own
The newest addition to the family (as of november 2020) Luke Burton Slightly sallow moon Vitreous enamel on copper 2020 It’s about the size of the palm of my hand And sits high up on the picture rail in our front room Moon
Alexander Page Untitled (the apprentice) Oil on canvas 2017 Birthday gift from the artist himself, a study for a larger piece i think.
Rafal Zajko Dangerous Liasons (soft blue) Wax and dye 2020 Edition of 5 One of my favourite purchases from 2020. Made and sold by the artist as part of matthew burroughs’s #artistsupportpledge
Dan Howard Birt Ship of Fools (FP) Oil and charcoal on printed fabric and carved wood 41x40x15cm One of the more “challenging” pieces in the house due the the protruding carved wood and painted cucumber in the centre of the image. I love it nearly more than anything else in the house though.
William Arnold Anagallis Arvensis (Scarlet Pimpernel) Unique Silver Gelatine print 12x16” 2016 William Arnold is a master in the darkroom. This is from his Suburban Herbarium series of common plants founds in the vicinity of Truro suburbs. Instead of using a film negative, to create this image the plant specimen itself is used in the enlarger. You’ll have to look online for a more in-depth explanation, but trust me it’s genius.
Currently at the framers!!! Helen Hayward Flot Flot (shadow) Photo lithograph, relief, mono, collage 71x51cm 2016
Luke Burton from the exhibition Podium Sales at Picnic Gallery, London Cricket bat and Ball Oil paint on shaped plywood 2019 Image from the exhibition. They now live on a small purpose made shelf in our house.
Agnieszka Katz Barlow Untitled Watercolour on paper 33x28cm 2020 It is framed now in an off white frame but hung on the same pink wall in our bedroom. It’s perfect!
Ariana Sauder Park Season Gouache on paper 2017 Brilliant Montreal based artist and designer, Ariana is a friend and probably one of the coolest people we know.
Another Nina Royle (because we couldnt agree on just one) This one called “This is Where I Bury my Past Loves” ink and oil on a gesso and wood panel 24 x 22 cms 2019 From the Art Licks Project exhibition “tending my fangs”
This one is a screenprint gifted to me by the Lisbon born and based artist, Mariana Gomes Gonçalves. Framed by Hawkins Framers in South London, in a grey painted wooden frame to match the grey/black ink of the image Mariana Gomes Gonçalves Untitled Screen print on sugar paper 75x100cm 2015
Sara Borga is a master printmaker and this beautifully dark scene is an etched digital drawings (don’t ask me how she does this!) - i traded a screen-print for it it 2017. I think i should get a better frame for it to be honest. Sara Borga Moorburn/Queimada digital drawing, 2017 Edition of 5
Technically this belongs to our baby daughter, but it’s in the house and i hung it up so i’m adding it to the list. Christopher Green Sun (for Arden June Ray) 2020
Amazing wedding present by and from Olivia Bax Title unknown Paper, glue, paint, plaster, polystyrene 36x27x4cm 2015 or 2016. We love our mini bax
Victoria Fornieles 2 x Unique C-type prints from the “Handheld” series, framed together. Another master of darkroom image making. Victoria uses her body during the exposure and development of these images to create utterly unique and intimate photographs, closing down the physical gap between photographer and her subject. From her website: The ‘Handheld Study’ series, are works made using photographs of Grecian statues of mythical goddess’ that are exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum in New York... As these prints are created the paper is held in the hand, to the face in a cherishing act.