I arrive at Bournville Green. The Rest House has been a wonderful spot to meet a friend when restrictions have allowed as it offers some shelter from the rain. Behind the row of shops is the Cadbury chocolate factory and on cold days the smell of dairy milk fills the air. It’s divine! George Cadbury acquired the land here in the late 19th century and believed that the chocolate factory workers should have a good quality of living away from the pollution and poor conditions that workers usually experienced. Families living here had distinctly designed houses with gardens, and access to recreational facilities which are still used today. Due to the Cadbury family’s Quaker beliefs, the area was also built without any public houses. This afternoon there are a few people using the shops, and the coffee shop is doing a roaring trade of take away coffees. I sit on the bench and watch the world go by for a little while.

The Rest House, Bournville Green
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