I start to follow the path towards the park exit. I can’t get enough of the frost around the edges of the leaves. I search for an unbroken leaf. The only one I can find that isn’t frozen to the ground is a little muddy, but the silver lining is still beautiful. I climb the hill past the play area and walk towards the main road. The last remnants of light are bright and intensified. The other path would have taken me to a meadow which was a place of escape for me in the spring. I would cycle there often after work when the field was a mass of yellow buttercups and butterflies. But today I’m in need of a place where I can at least see and hear other people going about their day. I am so grateful to be working from home, but I miss the social interaction of the office. Walking past the shops at least gives some normality to the day, and I’m cheered by the fairy lights on these dark evenings.

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