Moving a life

I’ve had 14 homes to date. Spanning 4 countries and 9 cities/towns. Moving again very soon, hoping this next one is a keeper.

It started with a small sign jutting out from my building calling for attention.
The items that didn’t make the cut for the professional photos of the flat!
The flat looking so *tidy* for photos and all potential viewers. We dismantled my desk (also the dining table) every time someone came to view the flat.
I’ve done so much work on this wee flat. It really feels like a part of me. Excited for the next adventure, but sad to leave.
I’ve had lots of diy projects. Some of the things I’m most proud of trying myself was tiling the kitchen and fireplace. Things I did myself: I bricked up (keeping ventilation open) and tiled the fireplace, I sanded and painted all the windows, I painted the front door, I added colour vinyls to some interior windows, I built some shelves, I stripped woodchip wallpaper from many walls. Things my dad and Kevin helped me with: We fitted a new kitchen, we tiled the kitchen, we put in new flooring, we did a little bit of wallpapering, we did a lot of painting. Things I got professionals to help with: They fully rewired the flat, they fitted a new boiler, they fitted a new bathroom, they installed attic insulation, they did the plumbing for new kitchen, they installed a new vertical radiator, they fixed my broken buzzer.
The boxes arrived for packing just before Christmas. All empty for us to fill.
First we started packing boxes into the aptly named box room.
Over Christmas we dismantled my desk and started piling boxes into a corner of the living room.
Then the boxes started to flow into the bedroom.
I bought a new armchair in the sales, despite there being nowhere to put it in my current flat. We enjoyed sitting in it for a day or two, then boxed it back up for moving.