New year. New me

A few of my intentions for 2021. If I’ve learnt anything from 2020 we know we are lucky to live where we do and we have an obligation to enjoy it

Daily dip. Inspired by the nutters in Penzance who swim daily without a wetsuit. I’m intending on swimming (no wetsuit) daily in the sea in my area. Lockdown 3 will make this harder but I’m lucky enough to live by the beach so come rain or shine, wind or ice, I’ll endeavour to see January out with a daily dip.
Dawn days. Last year with some friends, we decided to rise early and document the morning sea at dawn. It became a routine we all followed and shared on social media our morning loot of images. Raising awareness for men’s mental health charities and aiding our own mental health, we managed two months of daily dawn swims with a camera It’s colder now so I’m aiming for a few swims a week. Who knows, maybe I’ll keep in going until summer #dawndays
Make time for me. With homeschool a real part of our lives now and only essential travel and limited exercise allowed, I think doing something for yourself must be a part of your routine. Whether it be a short walk, listening to some vinyl, reading a few pages of your book or a surf. Make time for you.
Learn about nature. With three kids asking me questions everyday (that I don’t know the answer to) I’ve decided I need to know more about what I should know about! Learning with the kids sounds fun.
Be plastic free. We do all we can as a household to recycle, buy plastic free where possible and limit our waste. However it feels like the pandemic removed the spotlight on our global plastic epidemic and people now think nothing of wearing disposable masks and buying hand sanitiser weekly. Let’s stay on track and get back to our plastic free ways.